Scholarships for the Kids!!!

Student Scholarships
The Briggeman family of companies each year awards a scholarship to one outstanding female and one male student. The scholarship is based on community service, athletics, and academics. These traits are the Briggeman family’s belief that a good citizen with these types of traits is an asset to the local community.

4 thoughts on “Scholarships for the Kids!!!

  1. It’s right about that time for scholarship searches I’m going to look into this, Father always said “Search high, search low, as long as your searching” this would be my 27th scholarship application!

  2. I’m interested in looking into this for myself, I will call my school and see if they can help me out with it.

  3. Wish more people were as generous as these people, When I was much younger I probably could of benefited from this kind of gesture, maybe more businessman or woman could get involved like this also, imagine how many lives that could be changed.

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