Campaign “Drugs Are Garbage”

The “Drugs Are Garbage” campaign was organized in the early 1990s. This helps to teach the dangers of drugs and substance abuse to youth. The elementary and middle schools in the Cypress School Districts and Los Alamitos Unified helped to implement this campaign. This campaign aimed to teach young people about how substance abuse hurts the aspirations and the future dreams of young people.

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The program highlights the fact that drug abuse gets in the way if the dreams of a student and that drug possession or using drugs isn’t a good idea. Since drugs are bad for you they belong in the “trash” so this is the idea behind the program. Mr. Briggeman Junior and his company Briggeman Disposal Services, helped to spearhead this campaign. He has a vision of seeing students stay in school and stay away from drugs. He understands that drugs impair the performance of a student, damages families, and over time can even hurt the community as a whole.

The Los Alamitos Marathon

In his waste hauling company called Briggeman Disposal Services, Inc., Mr. George Briggeman Jr. became founding co-sponsor of the Los Alamitos race called “Race on the Base.”  This race draws thousands to the 1K, 5K, 10K, as well as the triathlon events each year. This race promotes awareness of the base, health, and community involvement.

Scholarships for the Kids!!!

Student Scholarships
The Briggeman family of companies each year awards a scholarship to one outstanding female and one male student. The scholarship is based on community service, athletics, and academics. These traits are the Briggeman family’s belief that a good citizen with these types of traits is an asset to the local community.

The Los Alamitos City Council recognizes Mr. Briggeman Sr. and Briggeman Jr. for their 40 years of service to the community.

The Los Alamitos City Council in 2006 made note of Mr. Briggeman Sr. and Mr. Briggeman Jr.’s participation in the local community. The Los Alamitos City Council wanted to recognize Mr. Briggeman Sr. and Briggeman Jr. for their 40 years of service to the community. The council recognized their outstanding service and the legacy they have left on the city. In the coming months they will be recognized in a ceremony.

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George Jr. wants the ceremony to be held sooner as his father is showing signs of aging and he isn’t sure how long his health will last. George Jr. knows that his father wants to participate in the ceremony and see the appreciation of the community as soon as it’s possible to do so. The development of Los Alamitos since the 1950s is in thanks to the support of Mr. Briggeman Sr… The council has since agreed to move the ceremony ahead by several months to comply with the wishes of Mr. Briggeman Jr.

The ceremony was held and the city council of Los Alamitos honored both Mr. Briggeman Sr. and Jr. They had a street named after their surname. One block away from Cerritos Avenue intersection and Los Alamitos Boulevard is Briggeman Drive. Mr. Briggeman Jr. said that this was a big part of the legacy and achievement of his father. He said that giving back to the community is something that he learned from his father.